or Mywifiext.Local Not Working? Let's Fix it is the local web address that is used to setup Netgear extender with ease. But, when a user tries to access this web address for setting up Netgear extender, due to some technical glitches, “You are not connected to the extender’s WiFi network” is shown.

Cause Behind The Issue:

Mywifiext is not a regular website on the internet. It is a local web address that is used to open the settings of a Netgear WiFi range extender.


To open login web page without any hassle, your device must be connected to the range extender using a WiFi or an Ethernet connection.

What Is Mywifiext.Local? What It Is Used For?

If you wanna setup Netgear extender with Mac OS or iOS devices, use mywifiext.local.
In order to log in to mywifiext.local, below are a couple of steps to consider:
  • First of all, power on your Netgear extender by plugging it into a power outlet that is near to your main router.
  • Once done, connect them both with each other properly using an Ethernet cable.
  • Connect to Netgear_Ext.
  • Turn on your iOS device.
  • Pull up a web browser in it.
  • After that, head towards it address bar and type mywifiext.local
  • Press Enter key, Search or OK, once you're done.
  • Netgear extender login page appears.
  • Type in your Netgear extender’s default username and password.
  • Input the details correctly and click on the Log In button.
If you are still facing issues in accessing the or mywifiext.local web addresses, then consider following a few troubleshooting steps given below.
  • Plug in your Netgear WiFi extender in the same room where you have placed your main WiFi router. Once the process of Netgear extender setup gets completed successfully, you can move your device to your preferred location.
  • Ensure that your Netgear extender and router is receiving continuous power supply and all the LEDs on them are stable. In case, you see any LED on them blinking, amber, or red, turn them off for a short while – wait for some time and turn them on again simultaneously.
  • Clear junk files from your internet browser prior to accessing the web addresses.
  • Try using Netgear extender IP address instead of the web addresses.
  • Restart the device you are using.
  • Use another browser after restarting your device.
  • Be certain that you have the correct Netgear extender login details. On the off chance that you have changed the default login credentials, use them. And if you have forgotten your personalized one, then reset Netgear extender back to the factory default settings.

How to reset Netgear extender?

  • Have a look at your Netgear extender’s power LED. It should be stable.
  • Then, make sure that your extender is disconnected from your main router.
  • Once you have disconnected your router and the Netgear extender with each other, grab a pin or a paper clip.
  • Locate the Netgear extender reset hole and insert the thin object in it carefully.
  • Hold the reset hole and release it.
Fab! Your Netgear range extender has been reset successfully.
In the event – the above-mentioned troubleshooting tips haven't worked for you, then consider the following.
  • Update Netgear extender firmware to the latest version.
  • Do not use the older version of firmware on your main router as well.
  • Make sure that your router is placed openly and your Netgear extender is receiving continuous and uninterrupted WiFi signals from it.
  • Avoid placing your devices near to those appliances, equipment, or gadgets that throw or produce heat. Placing your extender and the router near to stabilizer, refrigerator, microwave, Owen, speakers, etc. might overheat or damage them.
  • To fix overheating issues, turn off your main router and Netgear extender for a short while. And when you found them cool – turn them on.
If you still cannot fix the issue on your own, contact our expert technicians right away.