How To Reset And Setup A Netgear WiFi Router?

Netgear WiFi routers keep your devices connected in every room with a fast, reliable, and expanded coverage in every corner of your house or workplace. Usually, Netgear WiFi routers come embedded with an installation CD which makes the setup process a bit easier. You simply have to insert the CD into a computer or laptop and walk through the Netgear router setup steps one by one.

But, in most cases, the installation CD gets lost, misplaced or damaged. Nothing can replace the CD but if you know the Netgear router installation steps from first to last, you can complete the setup process in an instant.

And, if you don't know the Netgear WiFi router setup steps the don't panic! We are here to introduce you to each and every step. Please allow us to lay down the steps for you for a hassle-free Netgear wireless router setup. Let's get the ball rolling!

How to Setup Netgear Router?

  • First of all, power off your main modem.
  • Once done, using cuts and dust-free Ethernet cable, connect the yellow LAN port of your main modem to the yellow Internet port of your Netgear wireless router.
  • Power on your modem.
  • Wait for a few minutes for the LEDs on your modem to light solid green.
  • Now, power on your Netgear router and let the LEDs on it lights up.
  • Connect your WiFi-enabled device to the router's WiFi network.
  • Launch an Internet browser.
  • Type in Netgear router IP or web address.
  • Netgear Genie setup page appears.
  • Enter your router's default admin name and password.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and complete Netgear router setup process with great ease.

If you are facing the following issues:

  • Netgear router not working.
  • Router connected but no internet.
  • The web address not working.
  • Invalid login credentials or you have lost or forgot them, etc. then reset your router back to default factory settings. To know how to reset Netgear router, scroll down.

To reset Netgear router:

  • Verify that your Netgear router’s power light is stable.
  • On the back or bottom panel of your Netgear router, locate the reset hole.
  • Use a paper clip, pin, or similar object.
  • Press and hold the reset hole and release it once you're done.
  • Your Netgear router resets successfully.

Important Note: Resetting Netgear router will delete all the customized settings made by you including the admin details. In short, after the reset process, you have to setup Netgear router again. So, you have to make changes in your router again as soon as you are done with the reset process.
Even after resetting your Netgear device, you are still facing issues, try a few fixes given below. Keep reading!

  • Your Netgear router must be connected to your main router properly.
  • Also, it should receive a continuous power supply.
  • The latest firmware on your router should be up-to-date. To perform Netgear firmware update process without any hassle, click here.
  • Make sure that you are not using the web browser's search bar for accessing web address.
  • Ensure to use the correct admin details to have access to Netgear router login page.
  • Use an updated version of web browser as well. Also, wipe out junk like cache and browsing history from it.
  • Make sure to open only one tab while accessing Netgear router IP or the default web address.

If the above-mentioned Netgear router troubleshooting tips do not fix the issue, power cycle your Netgear router, main modem, including WiFi-enabled device.

Still, if you come across any type of issue with your Netgear WiFi router no matter whether minor or major, you are more than welcome to reach out to us any time of the day or night for instant help. Search for all your technical issues and resolve them like a pro without leaving the couch.