not working: Router Is Not Connected to the Internet

Tired of accessing not working? Well, your internet connection would be the reason for such a brainteaser and annoying issue. As a result, you will be unable to access the features of your Netgear router. Alternatively, high-speed of internet is very important for Router Installation and also for personal and commercial use. Without high-speed of internet, access to faster communication and Netgear Router Login is impossible.
So, don’t feel depressed as the issue is not as bigger as you think. Just stick with us and ready to resolve the rose petal issue.

Verifying the reason behind Router Troubleshooting

Be sure that your modem and the computer are properly connected to the router with the help of an Ethernet cable. Also, verify whether the cables are connected to each other or not. In case, the cables are loose, consider fixing them properly with each other. After that, you have to be sure that all the devices are physically plugged into an electric wall socket away from door, walls, windows, cordless phones, and Bluetooth devices.
Also, place your router openly at a high place (table or shelf). To troubleshoot against router problems, be sure that your router isn’t overheated and overloaded with malicious files and malware. On the other hand, some large metal devices such as microwaves, juicer, mixer grinder, etc. interference with the internet signal of the router. Make sure that your router is placed far away from such interference creating heavy metal objects.

The Position of Antennas:

Do not make the mistake of placing the router of antennas in lying horizontal position. The position of them should always be in a straight vertical position. Well, the vertical position enables you with largest coverage area whereas, the horizontal position of the router stops or breaks the internet signals and thus result error in Router Default Login.

Modify the Wireless Channel Numbers:

The network related problem is one of the biggest issues faced by everyone in today’s modern world of technology. Well, did you know the fact that a place that is surrounded by apartment or buildings interferes with your wireless router? It is a strange fact, but true. To fix this issue, optimize the wireless channel number for your surroundings as well as consider changing the router channel number that operates only secure WiFi channel.

Reset your Netgear Router to its Factory Default Settings

It may another problem regarding slow, sluggish, and week signals. If you are still facing internet connectivity issues, then grab a paper clip or pen and insert it for 20 seconds on the factory reset hole. Once completed with the count of 20, release the button.

Accurate Router Login Web Address not working also appears when you access it via wrong web address. Well, the accurate Router Login details are:
If you still face error while accessing, consider login via Router Default IP i.e.

Check your Web Browser

Be certain that your web browser is clear from browsing history, cache, cookies, and also capable of supporting Netgear Router Login. Sometimes, what happens that the access to router login gets affected with malicious files and malware that supposed to be deleted as soon as possible for a better speed of internet.
Note: The speed of the internet is also affected by the use of old and outdated firmware of router. For best WiFi range, consider updating  your Router Firmware timely.